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Limited International Warranty Policy

Customer service remains our prime objective and it is our policy to pay keen attention at all times to provide Top class after sales service. A warranty is manufacturer’s assurance of quality that defines the period of time that they will replace the products that show signs of deffects due to material or workmanship

The original purchaser shall only be covered by this warranty.

Passenger Car Radial (PCR), Light Truck Radial (LTR), Light Truck Bias (LTB), Truck/Bus Radial (TBR) and Truck/Bus Bias (TBB) are the segments that are covered under this warranty.

Otani covers five (5) years s (tubes and flaps are not included) from the date of  supplied directly or indirectly through the authorized sales channels. Terms and  claim tire are as follows.

  1. A claim for damaged tire, the cause of which is proved to be attributed to defects in material & workmanship only will be accepted.
  2. ves or persons authorized by us.
  3. The amount to be compensated will be calculated on pro rata basis depending upon the percentage of tread used charges are payable by the customers.
  1. Damage to tires caused by impge.
  2. Tires used beyond the original tread life ( i.e. the wear indicators are exposed)
  3. Tires that have been repaired, retreaded and reclaimed.
  4. Damage due to misalignment, wheel imbalance, defective brakes or shock absorbers, improper inflation, over loading, oil or chemical action, fire, use of tire chain, use for racing or other competition e vents, excessive off-road use, running flat, willful damage or abuse.
  5. Damage from road hazards (cuts, punctures, snags and bruises) or impact damages caused by potholes, curbs, spin, stone drill or other objects on the road.
  6. Claims for irregular wear, rapid wear, flat spots, ozone & weather cracking.
  7. Tires sold as Defective Appearance Tires (DA tires)
  8. Any other damage caused by buyer’s or user’s acts or omissions not in conformity with vehicle manufacturer’s specifications or instructions.

Adjustment Percentage = (Remaining Tread Depth ÷ Original Tread Depth) X 100

Compensation Value = Invoice Price X Adjustment Percentage


This limited warranty does not cover loss of life, loss of property, loss of time, loss of use of vehicle, and any other incidental or consequential damages due to tire defect or otherwise.

Governing Law:

The Federal laws of Kingdom of Thailand shall govern this Warranty.

“Claim Adjustment Form” needs to be filled with all the relevant details. Each claim has to be supported by 3 medium resolution pictures of each tire included in the claim that are as follows.

1st picture of Serial No. & DOT & to be named as 1-1

2nd picture of Damage portion & to be named as 1-2

3rd picture of complete tire showing the tread portion & to be named as 1-3 & so on

The “Claim Adjustment Form” together with the pictures has to be sent through email to sales@otanitire.com or claims@zafco.com . All the claims will be settled within 1 week on receipt of full details, as per the criteria stated above.

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